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How to wean a Man from computer games

Computer game addiction in the degree of destructiveness is equivalent to dependencies such as alcoholism and drug addiction. Man goes into the virtual world, oblivious to their real life. Loved ones need to help get rid of this bad habit.

How to wean a Man from computer games

Instruction how to wean Man on computer games

Step 1:

Seriously, talk to parnemNe is off his computer or talk while he is busy playing. So you will not be able to wean from the computer games your boyfriend. Wait until he gets distracted by the computer. Tell the guy of your fear of losing him if he does not stop playing. Make it clear to him that he needed you, parents, friends. Do not forget to mention how harmful computer game addiction: solitude, visual impairment, physical and psychological, job loss or expulsion from the university.

Step 2:

Find out the reasons for leaving the virtual mirZavisimost from computer games may be due to the prevailing problems at school, work or in your personal life. Ask the guy that he is concerned about whether there are problems at work / school. Perhaps young people want to escape from reality because of the difficulties encountered. Ask leading questions that involve detailed response and not a "yes / no", and solve their problems together.

Step 3:

Distract the guy from the computer other interesting zanyatiyamiChasche him meet up with his friends, go to a cafe, cinema, bowling on the weekend to take a trip to the country to relax. At the same time do not let him get bored. He must understand that the world is much more interesting games.

Step 4:

Bouncer wedge klinomEsli you live with a guy, and you have one computer, then start playing for yourself. Do not cook it, do not buy products that are not tidy and ironed his clothes. Let him see how video game addiction affects the lives and how bad to lose a loved one in virtuality. The danger of this method is that you can do to get involved in the game. Sit down at the computer until just before his arrival, and do not let the games.

Step 5:

Refer to spetsialistamEsli you can not wean themselves from computer games your boyfriend, then take him to a psychologist, a special center for the fight against addictions. Naturally, once to visit a specialist will not be enough. Treatment of disease computer game addiction will be long, but effective.