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How to win pikapera

Pickup - This is not only the art of dating and seduction of girls, but also a whole philosophy of life. Young people are convinced pick up artist, used to seduce themselves and consider themselves to be unsurpassed in love affairs. But is it?

How to win pikapera

You will need:

- Information about the pick-up; - Well thought-out strategy of behavior.

Instruction how to win the pick up artist

Step 1:

To win the pick up artist, thoroughly study the theory of this fashion trend. Visit a few online forums devoted to the topic. Collection of information is of paramount importance at the initial stage.

Step 2:

Pay special attention to how the Pickup Girls classify girls. Charming man is always surrounded by a large number of women. If he has the skill of a pickup, then it costs nothing to entice any of them, using a well-established pattern. In order to attract attention and intrigue modern Casanova, create an image that goes beyond any typologies. Be different, mysterious and at the same time simple and open, insightful and at the same time a little naive. Your choice-pikaper must literally knocked down, selecting the right approach for you.

Step 3:

But cause the interest of such a man - this is only half the battle. The goal of most pick up artist is an intimacy and pleasure. So your friend is likely to seek it to do so. - Your task is not easy and sharply deny him (otherwise it will quickly leave you as unpromising option), and arrange things so that he felt his guilt in your refusal.

Step 4:

Pickup Girls are accustomed to, that girls just go crazy on them. So let him amuse vanity, call it a few times myself, and then disappear for a time without explanation. That you make masters of seduction even more to think about you and the situation. It will pursue the idea that he did something wrong, was not sufficiently attractive, etc. And it will start to look for ways to justify himself in his own eyes.

Step 5:

Then you have to convince him that you are - that is the only, unique and amazing woman, for which he is willing to change their beliefs, and marital status. Give cold-blooded seducer something that he did not receive from any woman - understanding, care, respect and kindness. At the same time from the first minutes of dialogue let him know that tolerate betrayal and forgive betrayal, you will never be.