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How to write the first guy

Sometimes the impression of a casual acquaintance or meeting with a guy is so strong that the girl herself wants to write to him to communicate and offer to meet. In this situation, you need to act correctly, avoiding common mistakes.

How to write the first guy

Instruction how to write the first guy

Step 1:

Make sure that you are really interested in communicating with the guy. Sometimes, not having thought once again, the girls enter into a relationship, which eventually end up a complete disappointment. Think about what he has hooked you what you want as soon as possible to start a conversation. For example, if you meet a guy on the street, it is better still to wait for a call or a message from him. So you can be sure that he is really interested in you and wants to meet. If you write the first one, it can only add him confidence in his superiority, and the guy can start to behave as he pleases.

Step 2:

Write the first guy, if you still have made this decision. It is better to send an SMS message if you know its number. If you are still uncomfortable, then say hello and introduce yourself first. Remind the guy, where and under what circumstances did you meet. Message necessarily ends with a question - it will encourage Man to answer as soon as possible. For example, ask how he was doing what he was doing, etc.

Step 3:

Received more than original: simply write "Hello podmignite and smiley. Guy will answer the question "Who is it? . Continue to behave mysteriously and send in response to, for example, "Guess. Gradually, the guy will remember you, and at this point is already very interested in continuing the dialogue and even a meeting.

Step 4:

Start communicating properly, if you want to meet with a girl on a dating site. Remember that activity in virtual acquaintances often show the guys and the first tie conversation. If the message comes first from the girl, then it may seem suspicious. Try again a wink guy or send another funny smiley face, leave on his page a nice compliment or send a virtual gift. For a guy it would be enough of a reason to respond and continue to communicate with you.