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It is not wrong to love

Rare lucky begin dating at school and sneaked through his love life. Other people are in this field of trial and error in the search for the ideal candidate. How to understand that the object of your new love is worthy to become a permanent partner in life?

It is not wrong to love

Instruction how to avoid mistakes in love

Step 1:

Dreaming of a man with a strong character that will provide you and make important decisions, but it will allow you to walk through the night in the bars with her friends and flirt with pretty strangers? Think about that the data are contradictory traits: strong man will not let strangers approach you. If your partner has appeared a combination of opposite qualities, think hard before you tie the fate of him. If this internal contradiction strongly expressed, the person most likely is a mentally unstable person. At first, you might be with him very interesting, but then inevitably emerge problems.

Step 2:

Get to know the parents of your elect or chosen one. When his mother and father live in harmony, it is likely to have formed their child faithful representation of the family, which means that the chances of a successful marriage is high. Of course, if the parents of your beloved gone, or family discord - that's no reason to give up on the relationship, but a closer look closely to it is - perhaps, at first you will not be easy.

Step 3:

Introduce your vote with their parents and friends. You may be able to love, hormones raging in your blood, and in front - rose-colored glasses, and you find it difficult to see the disadvantages of the partner. In the opinion of relatives to rely on, of course, not necessary, but to listen to their words should be, because they wish you only good.

Step 4:

Think about it, if you are interested to deal with your loved one. You can have amazing sex, you can spend hours holding hands and looking at the starry sky, but it is important for family life and communication. You can have different interests, but in the conversations you will learn from each other new things, and have similar views on many life situations. If you get bored, as the only partner opens his mouth, it is better to terminate such a relationship.