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Men's habits that lead to divorce

There are no perfect people. And in each there are little things that can irritate. And from both partners depend on how successful will this alliance. There are a few simple, but mandatory rules for men that will help strengthen the marriage.

Men's habits that lead to divorce

Why should avoid the man if he does not want the marriage broke up? The reason for the collapse of the marriage are not random quarrel, and the daily little things that erode even the strongest relationship.

1. Criticism.

Try to hold back when you want to be sarcastic. For this you say thank you not only his wife, but also a lot of people, such as colleagues, friends or just casual acquaintances. Your wife makes a lot of daily deeds. Try to comment on those that it failed, of course, on the positive side. It is necessary to learn to appreciate those who try for you. Words of love will do much more for your benefit.

2. Total control.

It is not all that it does, you have to control. The amount of salt in the soup or the quality washed the floor - do not place your application capabilities. Give her the right to make mistakes, give the possibility to take decisions itself.

3. Disrespect.

Listen to her wishes, her opinion and mood - your sacred duty. And it need not be in awe of the whole. Something does not arrange? Look for a compromise, negotiate, even just Hear his wife. Look at your relationship from one of you often inferior? Both Are you happy when you come to visit these or other acquaintances? Equally there comfortable and happy you feel when it comes to intimate relationships? Those who have to often unrequited forget about their own interests, will sooner or later reflect on the fact that his life is devoid of happiness. 

4. Lack of communication.

Yes, you have a lot to do. The work, household chores, car repairs - a very important lesson. But always remember that your wife - is more important. Not much time is necessary to ask how her day and, more importantly, to listen to the answer. Show the wife that she is more important than the annual report, and it will make you their king.

5. teenager Dictionary.

What was once amused your friends may not like your wife. Learn to express your thoughts, like a man, not as a teenager. Every woman wants to see next to a gentleman. And yours too.

6. Excessive demands.

There are so many women who are in some way better than your wife. Someone wonderful dancing, someone bakes excellent cakes. Do not compare. After all, your wife can also start doing it. And obviously there is someone to whom you yield to something. Do not give her a bad example. Praise her for what she really is obtained.

7. Failure to domestic duties.

Most of the men help their wives in household affairs. But that's not enough wanting to wash the toilet, it is better to water the flowers, in extreme cases, to clean potatoes. Discuss with your wife, what kind of help she really needed. You will be surprised how it can be rewarding.

8. The lack of a control.

Raising his voice - is reduced intelligence. And women love smart. The temperament of a better show in bed. But control of his senses - a true male prerogative. You do not cry at a meeting with the chief? And your wife you more near and dear people. Why should it look like you are losing face? Raising the tone, you lose attractiveness in the eyes of his wife. The man - a calmness, confidence and stability. Give her a real man and her thoughts and not have that without you it could be better than you.