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Parting with a girl, how to get her back after a quarrel

The pain of the break with loved ones tormented not only emotional women and strong men. Of course, it is best to avoid quarrels and conflicts that lead to the parting, but once it happened, make an effort to bring back a loved one. Perhaps your problem is not as difficult as you think.

Parting with a girl, how to get her back after a quarrel

Instruction parting with the girl: how to return her after a quarrel

Step 1:

What was the reason for your break? Before you try to return the girl, you need to find the origins of the conflict, so as not to repeat the actions that lead to quarrels. Think about solving problems in regards to talking to loved you could show himself a man of reasonable and indifferent. You'll have to work on our mistakes and blunders.

Step 2:

Get ready to make concessions, because it is you return a loved one. If the girl did not like your chat with friends over a beer, will have to reduce the time of these meetings or to do without alcohol.

Step 3:

It is necessary to talk about too much beloved of intolerance to some of your habits, because, being in a romantic occasion with a man, you need to take the whole thing, how to form a personality. Of course, all have their flaws, few who can find the ideal, but the value of genuine feeling is that it makes lovers better and cleaner. Tell her that you are changing for the better with it.

Step 4:

Many "experts" advised the young man attempting to return the girl, call it jealousy. But in most cases it only strengthens the former in recognizing his innocence, and she finally decides not to look back and build new relationships. On the other hand, to secure the return of the beloved, you need to prove their loyalty and constancy.

Step 5:

Recall all those things which pleased your girl - flowers, decorations, music, food, entertainment, etc. Sends her to work her favorite flowers with a note that you ask her to forgive you and come back. Order the DJs of the local radio play favorite songs of the girl. Write under her windows words of love.

Step 6:

Hire an advertising banner over the road, where the girl's route. What you view on the poster, it's your own business, but try to write a sincere and gentle words. Compose a poem for his beloved, beautiful rewrite the text on a postcard and send it together with a nice gift. If a girl loves pastries, make the best and most delicious airy cake from those who are just there.

Step 7:

In doing so, you will be able to return to your favorite, if her feelings are still hot.