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Reasons for changing men

Women have long been wondering why men cheat. Sooner or later, you need to think about it, because women dream of - a faithful and loving husband. There are several reasons for change.

Reasons for changing men

When the woman asked, "What would you have never forgiven her man?" Most are responsible, that has changed. And this is understandable. Many women like the plague are afraid that their man will lead a mistress on the side. Men, too, understands this. But the change. Why?

Let us consider five reasons why men cheat more often:

No act of love, and the physical act. For men, sex - it's just the satisfaction of their needs. For us, women, sex - it's an emotional return to the partner. Therefore, men do not take sex as something more, and great. They can also work out in sex, to go to the shower, and behave as if nothing had happened. The man did not attach great importance to sex, and because it is easier to change than the girl. Most of them think that they can get away with it. Many men who have novels on the side, confident that they will never're caught in the act. However, if you still caught in the act, he starts making excuses and apologize only when you cherish. Otherwise, it just explain to you that you do not need him. Family in its priority is at the bottom. It often happens that a man is dissatisfied with his life, his wife, a career, and therefore it can be changed. The man, who has placed their priorities right, the family is in second place. He is pleased with the situation, which has achieved, he is happy in the family and he does not have time and need to change. Your business and the home and child care is not left time for men. men can often change on the grounds that his wife was burdened by taking care of the house, the children of his career. And she did not have time on his beloved and only man. Earlier, at the beginning of your relationship, you dressed up, painted, put to him beautiful lingerie, and now you go to sleep in a stretched T-shirt and with a headache. That's why a man is looking for "the very Woman," which was in the beginning of a relationship on the side. I am trying to get the impression that he received at the beginning of the relationship. Around your man is full of women who are ready to change with it. And indeed it is. Although you can not accept it. Most women are ready to have sex with a man, even though it sometimes happens that it deceived the woman, who did not know that the man is married. But in most cases, they know that a man is married.

Reasons for change men - different. But one thing is certain: "The man who loves his woman, the least capable of infidelity."