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Secrets of oral sex

Today it is difficult to imagine a sexual relationship without oral sex. Quality blowjob able to deprive a man of reason and allow him to appreciate the love of his lady that gave him incredible moments of pleasure. However, these results need not only love, but also the correct technique of oral sex.

Secrets of oral sex

In the first place it is recommended not to swallow saliva secreted abundantly during a blowjob, and spread it on the trunk of the penis. This will improve the slip in his hands the rod, and deliver man even more pleasurable sensations, similar to the feeling of the penis inside the vagina. To enhance the effect can be easily periodically touch the tongue and lips excited penis, passes fluttering kisses along its entire length. Also correct oral sex is impossible without turning your head, which significantly increases the level of stimulation of the penis - particularly its upper part.

Yet other secrets of oral sex - stretching of the foreskin, the stimulation of the penis with your fingers and the base of the vacuum effect. To perform the first method should embrace the thumb and forefinger of the base of the penis and pull the skin on it. This will increase the sensitivity and speed up the onset of orgasm. Stimulation of the base of the penis with your fingers is recommended to combine with the head turns in a spiral, intently following the movement of his hands on the lips. Movement of fingers to follow up and down, and the compression strength of this should vary depending on the preferences of men. To create a vacuum effect in the mouth with the oral stimulation is necessary to incorporate into his mouth half the penis, the most tightly and firmly clasp the trunk of his lips, and then the air accumulated in the mouth, with the power absorbed woman. During the movement of her lips on the penis up, man will feel as if squeezed out of it literally all the juices, including disabling brain.