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The best option for first sex

First sex for girls is an important and exciting event, largely determines their future attitude to sex. To avoid the failure of the first sex and engage in sexual relations without trauma, psychologists recommend to follow a few simple rules.

The best option for first sex

Almost everyone knows that the loss of virginity in the first place to the maximum relax and forget about all the complexes on the body - because if the man was in bed with a woman, then her shortcomings concern it the least. For relaxation it is recommended to drink a little (a little!) Red wine, dull the lights in the room, turn on the quiet slow music ... in short, to create a cozy and romantic atmosphere in which both partners will be comfortable and easy. It is also advisable to take care that the lovers will not be disturbed, and to prepare a bottle of lubricant, which will greatly facilitate the penetration when needed, saving the girl from the discomfort.

The first sex should not only give enough attention to foreplay - it is also important to examine the partner's body, ideally questioning man about his sexual habits and preferences. This partner should do the same - through openness in bed, first sex can become a truly unforgettable and magical. With regard to the key for the first night, then there will be better options are not acrobatic somersaults, girls gleaned from carefully peruse the glossy magazines. To the loss of virginity was the least uncomfortable, it is recommended to use the missionary position, in which the partner is able to control men motion. In addition, this position is very important eye contact - face to face, through which partner can monitor the partner's response to your actions.