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The most common mistakes when entering into marriage

Sometimes you can meet happy couples who have lived together for more than a decade, despite the fact that they have such a seemingly insurmountable differences. However, at the same time, millions of people around the world every day make the wrong choice, which entails the divorce and trauma. There are a number of reasons why people make the wrong marriages ending spiritual emptiness and disappointment.

The most common mistakes when entering into marriage

Man is not yet fully understood in itself

Many people simply do not know what kind of person they want to see next to each other. It turns out that something vague such as "cheerful", "good", "good-looking". It is not enough to begin to build a really strong relationship.

The task of man who is in search of a partner - is to understand yourself. It is necessary to understand the essence of their nervosa and understand what type of people are able to smooth them out, and who, on the contrary, worsen.

People without the drawbacks do not exist in nature, so you need to choose for themselves a man with an optimal set of negative qualities.

Wrong reasons for marriage

It is human nature to err, especially when it is very desirable. When meeting with a potential partner for life, many think that they know everything about it. However, joint viewing family photos and getting acquainted with his relatives not enough to understand the depth of human feelings. Illusion preparedness for marriage man often perceives as truth and reality draws on your own. Potential partners are assigned to non-existent character traits and actions.

Often the reason for marriage may be the reluctance of a person to be alone. This condition is difficult to choose the right partner and build a long-term relationship.

Before humanity marriage approach is extremely rational. Parents of prospective newlyweds met and build the future of their children. Marriage then rarely been associated with love and happiness. Now the situation is somewhat different: in addition to the comfort and financial well-being need to still be happy and in love, and combine all this is extremely difficult, so it is often the main criterion for choosing a partner in the world today are the feelings and instincts.

In the days of arranged marriages take into account such criteria: how the bride is given a dowry and their families which occur betrothed couple and how close in cultural indicators. everything was now look different. Romantic Union, which is based only on feelings, ends when love passes.

Unjustified expectations

People are desperate to be happy all the time. They make marriage excessive emotional demands and are extremely disappointed when their illusions begin to crumble. When a couple decides to get married, both are hoping that the euphoria would last forever, but unfortunately, comes sobering, and the problems begin.

Each person has examples of failed families, however, almost all who marry are sure that in any case will not repeat the mistakes of others, but time passes and history repeats itself.

Some decide to marry because they are tired of failed romances and love experiences. For them, the family - is a haven, free from violent emotions. However, the unrest in the family is not much less than in the single life.

It is not necessary to marry, based on cold calculation. Also dangerous romantic alliance, which is based only on feelings. It is necessary to understand first of all in myself and try to find a middle ground.