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What if the guy below girl

There is a well-known stereotype that says that a man should be above his lady. But Lawless Heart, and now in the life of a girl she appears a young man of the same height with it, or even lower it to a dozen centimeters. And the question arises: what to do?

What if the guy below girl

Instruction how to be, if the guy below girl

Step 1:

The small man can find a lot of pluses. He needs not so much food, as the two-meter "rocking", so you can cook much less. In addition, the girl unconsciously awkward to eat more than a young man, so that the difference in the growth of a positive impact on the figure.

Step 2:

Often, the difference in the growth of the traditional pair can reach half a meter. Mirrors, kitchen cabinets, switches - all this is usually calculated on the growth of one of the partners. When combined with low life a young man, you no longer have to get up on a stool to get salt.

Step 3:

In bed, in the growth and the difference is not important. A position 69 it's best to do the lovers, whose growth is about the same. If the young person is significantly below you, do not worry, there are many other positions. But bear and give birth to children from low male is much easier than from high and broad.

Step 4:

Many girls, occurring with low young people are worried about what they say around about the pair. Yes, the "classical" couple, is the one where the man above the woman, but remember the pictures of famous top models on which they are imprinted with your loved ones - often women above men. Many musicians and prominent politicians had short stature, which did not prevent them to enjoy great popularity among women.

Step 5:

If the problem is still growing strongly excites you, you can pick up your wardrobe so that visually appear below. Avoid vertical stripes and heels. Choose light colored clothing or bright colors things: orange, green, cornflower. Matte fabrics visually lengthen the figure, but the shiny, on the contrary, complete and make below. If you choose the right clothes, and no one will say that your young people below.