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What if the husband has another family

A woman married to a divorced man. It seems to be a good man a reliable, decent, without bad habits, really loves his new wife, and from the material point of view, the family has no problems. It would seem, live so rejoice! But here's the thing: she can not accept the fact that her husband often visits his old family, pays great attention to her first child. It is because of this, jealous, offended, feels insecure. The family can start a quarrel, conflict.

What if the husband has another family

Instruction how to proceed, if the husband has another family

Step 1:

Understand simple thing: your emotions are understandable and natural, but do not go at them on occasion. Yes, women want to feel loved and the only one, it is uncomfortable, jealousy, if the partner gets the attention of someone else. But it is not so much about the ex-wife of your husband, how many of his children. And the children for any normal person - is sacred.

Step 2:

In no case do not reproach her husband, not to make a scene, scandals. You will achieve this only in order that he move away from you. He inevitably arises thought: "And yet it turns out to be callous, brutal." Understand, then, that he is interested in their children, still loves them and helps to the extent possible, in his favor. You also probably have heard sad stories, as men after a divorce is not even remember their children, they do not have the slightest help in every possible way avoid paying child support. And you are together with your girlfriends genuinely indignant: how can you be so heartless. You do not like ex-wives - your right, but the children somehow nothing to blame. Your husband is a very different, he has a heart, and a sense of responsibility. Joy is necessary, and not to blame.

Step 3:

It is natural that you occasionally visit concerns - "And if he does not return to the old family?". But think, if you put pressure on her husband to make a scene, to put forward an ultimatum, "Either me or them!", Then it just might happen. Instead of reproaches and scandals themselves ask questions about her husband's health and affairs of his children, offer your possible help if it is needed. If the children have grown up enough to offer to invite them to visit you. This approach certainly be pleased and touched by her husband, will benefit your family fortress.

Step 4:

In an extreme case, if you think that the husband pays too much attention to the former family and helps her too generous, you can talk to him about it, but politely, delicately. Avoid categorical dissatisfied tone. First, be sure to emphasize the fact that his love and attention to their children is clear, natural, and a matter of respect on your part. And then you can go to the point: "But, you see, now it's your family - here, too, and I need your attention and care."