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Why change a husband

How often do women ask themselves this question: "Why is it changed?" Analyze their behavior, learn the appearance, speculate and very often find themselves in a cause. In fact, the reasons for cheating are many, ranging from cooling and feelings banal ending interest.

Why change a husband

Instruction why the husband changes

Step 1:

Often the girls all their actions like a "push" to the faithful of his treason. For example, if the house is a man always feels on the situation of the child, the student does not learn a lesson guilty Losers, then sooner or later he will want to at least temporarily feel like a hero. Think, not too often do you blame her husband. Perhaps the young man be convenient to position the boy, but sooner or later the kids rioted against strict parents. And such a "rebellion" may be cheating.

Step 2:

Sometimes women cease to be attractive to men: get fat, no longer look after themselves, forget about the clothes and make-up, and because men are very important visual sensation. Do not allow yourself to blossom. My wife, always wanting to be a magnet for her husband, can not afford to look bad.

Step 3:

Some spouses eventually lose interest in each other, emotionally and intellectually alienated from each other. Often the wife is completely focused on the life and upbringing of children, no longer go into her husband's interests, dismiss calls with him. And then the man seeking the interlocutor. More precisely, the companion.

Step 4:

Another important point - the bed. For men, it is important to be desired. If a woman, for whatever reasons, has consistently refused to him in the vicinity of or related to sex as a marital debt (not very pleasant), if it is cold to him, sooner or later it will begin to look for a replacement. Cold matrimonial bed - a common cause of hot embrace on the side.

Step 5:

But women should not at all to blame only himself. Many men change their wives, not because other women are better (or prettier or younger), but simply because they are different. Men tend to be interested in other women, and sometimes it seems desirable stranger and more charming than the wife. At least for a night.

Step 6:

Some men cheat because they see in this a proof of his virility. They, unlike women, often do not invest in the sex the same emotions, for them it's just sex. Therefore, they can truly love his wife and children, do not think of divorce, but do not see anything special to have a mistress or even several.