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How To Choose A Men'S Clothing Online Store

How to choose a men's clothing online store

Buy clothing today is not a problem. It offers customers not only the usual shops, but also the sale through the Internet. But often buying on-line raise many questions. Especially when it comes to men. Therefore, before making a purchase on the Internet you need to carefully study the rules of the remote…

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How To Cut Out De Jabot

How to cut out de jabot

Soft pelmets - the most sophisticated and complex in design - are usually composed of one or more of the SMAD and de frills, beautifully framing the window edges. De jabot (from the French Jabot) - this side of the soft pelmet with a uniformly laid vertical folds. It is also called "dzhabot", "side coat-tails"…

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How To Sew A Sling-Scarf

How to sew a sling-scarf

In recent years, slings have won great popularity among mothers. It is really practical thing, even if you - not a supporter of the permanent use of this attribute with a stroller is not always convenient. There are several types of slings. One of the most popular - Sling-scarf. And not necessarily buy it. Sew a…

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How To Tie A Trendy Cardigan

How to tie a trendy cardigan

Cardigan - a knitted jacket. This item of women's wardrobe is very convenient and practical to wear. You can associate a warm long cardigan, and you can - summer tracery.

Instruction how to tie trendy cardigan

Step 1:

The basis of all knitting cardigan is absolutely identical. The first thing to choose from which it will…

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How To Make Shoes

How to make shoes

General principles and methods for the manufacture of footwear are always the same. These differences are small nuances depending on the applied pattern. The most difficult and responsible stage - fit the pattern for the desired size. In this regard, it is best to use the ready-made patterns.

You will need:

Pliers and stationery knife, two strong needles…

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How To Determine The Purity Of A Diamond

How to determine the purity of a diamond

Brilliant time immemorial is the king of precious stones. It is believed that the diamond jewelry to bring good luck to their owners. Brilliant prepared from diamond by cut. When buying a diamond is very important to pay attention to its characteristics. As a rule, expert assessment of the value of the stone…

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How To Return The Black Dress

How to return the black dress

Clothing black requires special care for several reasons. Firstly, it quickly loses its original brightness of the colors when washing clothes and other colors when worn. Secondly, on it are clearly seen even minor contamination. Thirdly, on black too visible dust particles, dandruff, and lint. Due to all these factors, the black things often blurred,…

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Lacquered Sheepskin

Lacquered sheepskin

If foreign fashionistas for new coat - just a caprice and whim, something for our compatriots in more need. Wanting to be beautiful and impressive, even in the most severe frosts that hit the proud gait of others during the snow drifts, our women tend to choose their top order, not only on the level of comfort and warmth,…

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How To Tie A Pareo

How to tie a pareo

Shawl large size, which is wrapped around the body and are mostly on the beach, called pareo. The fabric is usually chosen a bright, textured, with an expressive pattern. Tie a pareo around the hips can, chest, throw on the shoulders, fasten the waist.

Instruction how to tie a pareo

Step 1:

Tie a scarf over his…

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How To Wash Wool Sweater

How to wash wool sweater

Woolen items are indispensable in cold weather. They are warm and comfortable, but they are very difficult to erase. One careless action, and the thing sit or stretch. Fortunately, wool slowly polluted, so it should be washed rarely, and when it comes the need, the main thing - to follow the rules. In this case, all…

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How To Dress The Blonde

How to dress the blonde

Choice of clothing is often dependent on certain factors unrelated to the way it sits on a figure. For example, some pick up clothes under the color of hair. This is understandable - all in the image should be in harmony with each other. The most difficult to choose clothes blonde - blonde hair cause a…

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How To Wash The Jacket Leatherette

How to wash the jacket leatherette

Now on sale there are many products, including jackets, made of artificial leather. It is not that familiar to you from childhood leatherette, which after some time began to hang around the stake, came quickly into disrepair and lost appearance. Modern artificial leather is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the real thing. Many people choose…

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How To Sew Sundress Office

How to sew sundress Office

Most of the life we ​​spend on the job. It is quite understandable desire of a woman is the need to look stylish, beautiful and well-groomed not only in the circle of friends, at a party, but in the sphere in which we communicate on a daily basis, conduct business negotiations, discuss the gossip and, in…

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How To Decorate The Dress With Rhinestones

How to decorate the dress with rhinestones

It is said that the best decoration dress is a woman who wears it. And indeed it is. As for the women themselves, then, to look good, every need to ensure that it is open dress. That is why many people try to decorate the dress to be even brighter and better.

Instruction how…

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How To Stretch The Leather Jacket

How to stretch the leather jacket

Nowadays, leather goods - a common phenomenon. Almost every second person is a leather jacket or a sheepskin coat, whether talking about leather shoes. But in life there are times when things need to stretch leather.

Instruction how to stretch a leather jacket

Step 1:

First, decide how much you need to stretch it: a little…

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How To Distinguish A Beaver Fur From Rabbit

How to distinguish a beaver fur from rabbit

Sometimes, sellers, wanting a more profitable you can sell stale goods, give a cheaper fur for luxury and expensive. Very often such "transformation" taking place with rabbit fur, which is issued for the beaver. Agree, fall short of such substitution. After the coat of beaver fur can be worn 18 years old, and…

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From What To Wear The Blue Skirt

From what to wear the blue skirt

Blue - it is a beautiful color that virtually all of the world have made it their favorite designers when creating the latest collections. At the last fashion shows you can see the different outfits made of fabrics navy blue, sky blue, ultramarine, sapphire colors and so on. E., Is particularly interesting looking skirt.…

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How To Choose A Bathrobe

How to choose a bathrobe

Terry cloth bathrobe - incarnation of home comfort, warmth and comfort. Fluffy products are valued for their ability to absorb moisture. Warm bathrobe pleasing to the body, with a light massage effect, good air permeability. How to avoid mistakes in the choice of such an indispensable home accessory?

Instruction how to choose a bathrobe

Step 1:


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From What To Wear Purple Dress

From what to wear purple dress

Purple dress - an elegant and feminine attire. When you create a harmonious image with a similar garment should be remembered that the selection of accessories thereto shall be especially receive close: violet and all its nuances, should not be too much in the way.

What kind of shoes and accessories to choose a purple…

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How To Cut Out The Tunic

How to cut out the tunic

Tunic - is a form of loose-fitting clothing, which can act as sweaters or dresses. The clothes of the style is quite simple to sew, if you manage to correctly cut out the fabric for the future tunics.

You will need:

- the cloth; - Tracing; - A pair of scissors; - Pins; - tape measure.…

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