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10 reasons to throw pants and begin wearing only skirts and dresses

Jeans, pants, leggings, shorts - a wardrobe of things that have absolutely every woman. They have become so common that a woman in a beautiful dress can be found only on holidays or summer. Here are just trousers - this is a purely masculine article of clothing, the women he nowhere. 10 reasons for deciding to give up his pants.

10 reasons to throw pants and begin wearing only skirts and dresses

Instruction 10 reasons to throw pants and begin wearing only skirts and dresses

Step 1:

Wearing trousers, women cease to be women, shift a part of men's affairs.

Step 2:

When a woman puts on shoes and a dress or skirt, then she changed gait and posture, the woman is more attractive to men. And the woman feels differently.

Step 3:

Wearing a beautiful dress, you just do not have the right to go out without make-up and beautiful beautiful hairstyle. This may also include manicures and pedicures.

Step 4:

Wearing a beautiful dress, you will begin to take better care of yourself and love yourself. Dresses and skirts make you softer and more feminine.

Step 5:

Wearing women's clothes, you follow nature, in skirts and dresses a woman looks more attractive. You will see how to change your life when you will wear only female wardrobe items. You will be accompanied by admiring glances and compliments.

Step 6:

To the board and would like to put on a beautiful necklace, tie a beautiful scarf, take with a beautiful handbag. All these accessories make women unique.

Step 7:

Wearing skirts and dresses, you develop the feminine qualities. It is much easier to be soft and gentle in sundress than trousers.

Step 8:

The Old Testament says that man is not permissible to wear a woman's dress, and the masculine woman. Therefore, many religions forbid women to wear trousers. Since it is believed that if a woman wears men's clothes, it takes such masculine qualities as swagger in behavior, coarseness and sharpness.

Step 9:

Wear dresses and skirts, and you will improve your relationship with your partner. When a man sees you in a beautiful feminine dress, he sees a woman who is filled with love and tenderness, about which I want to take care of.

Step 10:

The most popular excuse to wear pants - is that in them warmer. But if you choose the right winter clothing, boots, warm tights, coat or long fitted jacket, you will not only look beautiful, but also you will be warm and comfortable.