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5 most beautiful braids for girls

Spit at all times we were in vogue. To date, there are over a thousand different kinds of tangles, each in its own way unique and able to emphasize the natural beauty of the maiden. Regardless of age, hair color and skin, you can choose exactly the hairstyle that will go perfectly with your style.

5 most beautiful braids for girls

Openwork braid

To braid openwork braid, you need to divide the hair into three equal parts and make a normal braid. Then we must put on the queue right, then the left strand of hair to home. Braid braid in this way until the end. After weaving is necessary to pull the strands. It is better to start to do it from the bottom to the braid look symmetrical. Tie a rubber band the end of the spit.


We must begin to weave a French braid on the left temple of the head. Hair should be made in the overall braid only from the side of the forehead. Pigtail braids along the hairline and continue to guide her to the right temple. At the end of the strands stretch, make hair more volume.

Kos "Twisted loop"

Straighten your hair, if you hover. The hair is divided into two equal parts parting. Near the temples highlight the two strands on both sides, and then each strand should be well comb. Twist strands in the form of a loop to loop obtained were pressed against the top of the same strand of hair. The ends of the hair should hang down. Likewise on both sides of the main highlight parting locks and doing the same procedure. Configure hairstyle zakalyvaya invisible processing and fixative. The remaining hair is braided in a plait.

Kos with ribbon

Firmly tie a ribbon at the base of the hair. Then take both ends of the tape and woven them into a braid. The end of the spit, you can tie a bow or knot.

Weave "Waterfall"

It is necessary to take two small sections of hair thickness and once they scroll together. Next, separate the thin strand of hair on top, and insert it between the first two. Then, release the lock, as braiding must be carried out with the first two strands. Twist the strands again and repeat the procedure until the formation of hair.