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As in Moscow to buy shoes cheap

Moscow - one of the most expensive cities in the world. And if you find a good-quality mid-priced shoes is still possible to buy cheap boots and shoes of good quality is practically impossible. Only one way out - look for sales or save bonuses.

As in Moscow to buy shoes cheap

Instruction in Moscow to buy shoes cheap

Step 1:

Buy quality shoes with a good discount can be in July and August - then start sales of summer shoes. As in January and February - during this period, you can purchase excellent winter or autumn boots and shoes. About the beginning of sales can be found on the sites you are interested in shops or brands.

Step 2:

Many customers make out hypermarkets discount cards. One of the most famous - MEGA cards. Making purchases at different stores, represented in the Mega, you get bonuses on a plastic carrier. Then they can be exchanged for discounts or gifts from the supermarket. Any boutique that takes part in this program, at your request, provide you with a discount on certain products, if the map has accumulated enough bonus balls.

Step 3:

Subscribe to one of the portals that collect sales base. The most famous, where most of the proposals - Biglion, Kupikupon and others. Daily to your e-mail will come new reports of discounts. These coupons can not only save money on decent shoes, but also cheaper to buy a ticket to the warm countries, a haircut, a manicure, etc.

Step 4:

Watch out for stocks that are constantly held in major shoe stores. Sometimes these programs can be bought for half a second pair of shoes, or get a discount on your next purchase. And very often Birthdays acquire cheaper boots, shoes, boots. Most stores make such a gift to those who come for shopping at your birthday or for a week before and after him. To receive the discount it is necessary to show a passport or birth certificate.

Step 5:

If you do not necessarily need new shoes, use quotations from sites Free classified ads. In this metropolis as Moscow is constantly someone is selling and who is buying. Therefore, to find the right boots or shoes is quite simple. This is especially true of children's shoes. Kids grow up fast, and shoes to boots sold almost carrying, and sometimes new.