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As men's pants hem

To hem men's trousers, it is not necessary to carry them to the workshop. After all, you can do it yourself. Time and effort you spend quite a bit, but the result will please you clearly. Even if you are not very good at sewing, do not despair. The main thing - is to follow the instructions step by step, and then you will succeed.

As men's pants hem

You will need:

Trousering tape, duct tape, sewing accessories.

Instruction how to hem pants for men

Step 1:

To start, determine the length of the pants, and the wearing of a man. If the owner wears the pants with a belt, and the belt will have to wear. Trousers length is measured in two ways: with a shoe, and shoes. It is best to decide with the owner of trousers, as will be better. In the first case, the lower border of the pants must be hollow in the region of 5 mm. In the second case, the same border should be between the shoe heel and the heel part of it. Do not forget to make a note.

Step 2:

Lay the pants on a flat surface. Chalk draw two lines. The first - line cutting, and the second - the length of the line of pants. Allowance is about 4-5 cm. Also note the thickness of the material trousers. After all, the thinner the material, the smaller the margin for hem.

Step 3:

Then cut on the bottom line of the excess fabric. Treat open seam using a zigzag stitch. Supply air webbing 2 mm above the hem line.

Step 4:

Fold the trousers, while leaving 2 mm tape on the front side. This is necessary in order to on the trousers fabric does not fray when worn. It is advisable to sweep the operation, to facilitate suturing and ironing trousers.

Step 5:

Hem leg. To ease the process, use masking tape. Put it between the hem and the main cloth. Proutyuzhte steam. However, remember and that have adhesive tape, there is one major drawback. It may come off during washing. It is better to hem pants by hand with a needle and a thin thread. It will be safer.

Step 6:

When finished, the two iron the trouser leg with shrewdness. Then walk around the iron once more, removing redundant before this thread. We hope that you have everything worked out, and you are treated very well, even without the help of professionals. So you can be proud of themselves. It is no wonder they say: "If you want to do something good - do it yourself!".