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As mother of the bride look

Wedding - often stir anxiety and bustle around the bride. Of course, this is the most significant day in the life of a woman, but do not forget about the bride's mother, who gave his beloved daughter in someone else's family.

As mother of the bride look

Instruction how to look mother of the bride

Step 1:

First and foremost guided by their own ideas and taste. Do not go on about his daughter and indulge her desire to dress you in something newfangled and too extravagant. Well, if your outfit will fit into the theme of the event. For example, evening gown, studded with sequins, will look ridiculous at the wedding, taking place on the beach, but also a classic blouse and skirt will look pathetic and pretentious at an expensive restaurant.

Step 2:

The desire to look stunning and elegant natural. Unfortunately, the years take their toll, and shortcomings need to cover, so you can use modeling corsets, drawing inside laundry. Small defects can be hidden shapes using boleros, capes different.

Step 3:

The excitement and experiences, as well as sleepless nights on the eve of the wedding should be compensated for convenient cut. The model is considered suitable if it does not hinder movement. Dresses on the floor, with a neckline, cut-outs, lace, unjustified accessories are good only for the filming of the movie. In real life, too long or tight dress with a great cut will not have a rest - nor dance, nor to participate in the competition. Attire must be sewn on the figure - no more and no less.

Step 4:

It is better if the mother of the bride dress will match the style of the suit of his father - this applies color and small accessories, if the wedding has a certain theme. Then the composition is uniform, pleasing to the eye, rather than entertain the audience with their clumsy and ill-matched. The bride can offer you dress a certain color, but if you do not have to face, it is better to give up and pick up something similar in shade and scale.

Step 5:

As for shoes, make-up, hairstyles and accessories, here too there are little nuances. It is better to choose comfortable shoes on a small or medium-heeled shoes, because you will have to run around all day, watching the process. Makeup should be suitable for eye and hair color and, of course, be combined with the dress. Any restrictions, and clear recommendations on the no decorations. If you have the family jewels, do not hesitate to put them on. There will be appropriate diamonds, topaz, precious gold or silver modest and laconic. Most importantly, you do not look a Christmas tree. All is well, but in moderation.