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Crisp dress: how to achieve the effect

Starched things are very convenient: they are less spoiled and retain their shape. In fact, the starch things are not so difficult: you need only know a few secrets. By mastering them, you will be able starched any thing without problems.

Crisp dress: how to achieve the effect

You will need:

- starch; - Water.

Instruction starched dress: how to achieve the effect of

Step 1:

Take 1 teaspoon starch (preferably potato, corn or instead of the other), and dissolve it in a liter of cold water. It is best to take it cold water, because in it you can easily dissolve the starch completely, and you will not have to fight with lumps.

Step 2:

A liter of water diluted with starch, pour into a saucepan and warm on gas. Do not bring to a boil. In a saucepan add more water - depending on how much you need starched dress, so much water and add. Remember: the more water - the less the effect of starch.

Step 3:

Be sure to constantly stir the contents of the pan, wait for such a state to become a transparent paste. If you paste cloudy - hold it for some time on the gas, do not forget to stir it.

Step 4:

When the paste is ready, cool it to the desired temperature and pour into a bowl. That it is already possible to start up a dress. After verifying that the card is fully soaked with paste, and gently press it dry.

Step 5:

Once the dress is dry, gently sprinkle it with water, and you can start ironing, but the dress must be ironed neatly enough. Therefore, you must use the program Careful ironing and do not try to maximize perfectly ironed dress.