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fancy tights

In cold weather, at various events, and generally in everyday life, a woman can not do without the tights. After all, women's legs should always be protected from the weather, and by the rules of etiquette, more and almost always have to be closed. In this case the usual tights - rather banal piece of clothing, and women's fantasy tights - a very different case.

fancy tights

This garment attract the male gaze, it gives the image of perfection and a certain charm. Moreover, they look more elegant than, for example, black tights or flesh-colored. The most fashionable this season, women's fantasy tights - colored with a pattern that is worn with matching shades of clothing.

By the way, have long wearing color tights and clothes for office in Europe and America. Drawing on pantyhose performs not only a decorative role, as properly selected pattern can make women's legs look more appealing: to make them visually slimmer, longer and straighter.

Often, the materials of which produce fancy tights, very durable and high quality, composed of natural fibers, which is useful for the skin of feet. Also, there are several recommendations for choice. Tights with seam emphasize harmony, but his legs at the same time should not be unduly relief.

Tights in a fine mesh create enveloping and piquant effect, a large grid is best to wear or tanned legs or tights on top of a contrasting color. If present in the composition of tights Lurex, you need to be in harmony with the color shade of the rest of the wardrobe. Solid tights with jacquard pattern look good with clothes made of thick natural cloth and give the image of comfort.

Brands like CHARMANTE, Conte elegant, MARILYN SOPHIA offer this season a variety of models of women's fantasy tights. This model, with arrows and vertical stripes, with the effect of "tattoo" effect jackboot and stockings, tights with shorts and panties, seamless.

Especially good Ajour collection of Conte elegant, it is dominated by intricate patterns in combination with an elegant weave. The main difference between the collection - the use of 3D-technology openwork knit that allows the pattern to look more three-dimensional, and by the tights - be even warmer with a sophisticated appearance.