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From what to wear a long dress

Long dresses are almost all look very pretty and feminine. It only remains to find out what is best to wear long dresses to accentuate its beauty and irresistibility.

From what to wear a long dress

Summer long dresses are worn as a solo version, except that in the evening or on a cool day on top, you can throw a light scarf or stole. But in the fall will need outerwear. It is best to combine with dresses in a floor short leather jackets, parks, knitwear (sweaters, cardigans), and fur vests.

Tall and very slender women can not afford to throw on top of an even coat or raincoat. If you want to button, most importantly, save fitted silhouette, using a belt or strap. By the way, this also applies to any other elongated upper garment, which is worn with a maxi dress. In order not to look ridiculous or too on the monastic, it is necessary to choose only form-fitting model.

Many fashion magazines recommend long dresses to wear shoes only flat shoes: ballet flats, sandals. But high heel does not spoil the impression, on the contrary, will give refinement and add extra centimeters of growth. Suit and elegant sandals with heels and extravagant platform shoes and boots, if the weather is cool. For low girls may be advisable to choose a long dress is not straight cut and form-fitting with a wide skirt, they visually increase seems higher.

Bags elongated dresses to suit different, except for too much. Medium sized bag perfect for day, and a small clutch immediately turn long dress in the evening. As for other accessories, here the choice can be overwhelming. Such a dress suit and necklace and long earrings, and a variety of bracelets.

maxi dress often goes well with a wide-brimmed hat or scarf. A remarkable addition to this dress in many cases will be the belt. This is not only a stylish accessory. Thanks to the belt emphasizes the waist, and the figure is presented in all its glory, it looks very feminine and seductive.