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From what to wear purple dress

Purple dress - an elegant and feminine attire. When you create a harmonious image with a similar garment should be remembered that the selection of accessories thereto shall be especially receive close: violet and all its nuances, should not be too much in the way.

From what to wear purple dress

What kind of shoes and accessories to choose a purple dress

With regard to the selection of shoes to the dress, its color can be in tone dress and a different shade, but be sure to perfectly blend in with the rest of the accessories in the image. Under the purple dress, you can choose stylish shoes on the tone or two darker than most garments are ideal options in the classic dark colors and more vivid instances, for example, silver or gold shoes. 

When choosing a handbag to the violet dress is worth remembering that purple shades can be both cool tones, so warm, so this accessory should be selected, taking into account this feature attire. With dress cool tones look great silver bag, blue, dark blue, brown, warm - yellow, orange, gold, etc. In order to emphasize the dress hue can be added to the image, such as a handkerchief or scarf, tied it nicely on the handle.. handbags.

Jewellery to purple dress, it is desirable to choose not only the dress given shade, but also its length. to the board "the floor" ideal purple amethysts, diamonds, blue sapphires. For his short dress is better to choose decorations contrasting color, such as decoration, made of carnelian, gold, quartz, amber.

As for the make-up under the purple dress, it must be neutral, not screaming. Preference should be given to the shadows and lipstick natural shades that best fit your skin tone.