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From what to wear the blue skirt

Blue - it is a beautiful color that virtually all of the world have made it their favorite designers when creating the latest collections. At the last fashion shows you can see the different outfits made of fabrics navy blue, sky blue, ultramarine, sapphire colors and so on. E., Is particularly interesting looking skirt.

From what to wear the blue skirt

What goes blue skirt

The skirt is blue no less popular and in demand than the black. Choose, what you can wear, it is not difficult, because the blue - a color that looks great as with all classic tones and with many bright, pastel. This fact suggests that blue skirt can make a lot of all sorts of images that will not go unheeded, and are suitable for different occasions.

Dark blue pencil skirt, shirt or close fitting direct style, black or dark blue shoes and handbag - the perfect image of the office. If this set of slightly corrected by replacing the accessories at a bright, for example red, you can safely go in the evening in a restaurant or theater.

To create a romantic image of the everyday perfect long blue skirt, made either of chiffon or satin. Complete the outfit like peach top, white T-shirt and a beige blouse and accessories in gold, and you can safely go to conquer the hearts of men.

Do you want to create the image of a club? And then save the blue skirt. Pick a short narrow blue skirt, add her black corset, black shoes with high heels, a small handbag in gold tones and bright evening image is ready. By the way, if the corset is replaced by a shorter jacket, and "studs" on ballet flats, you get quite a stylish package that is suitable for everyday wear.

If your wardrobe is, pleated blue skirt, or you are only going to buy it, remember that it look great short jackets, denim jackets mid-length, classic jackets, with green, orange, beige, raspberry or lemon color.