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How can I see old stains from clothes

Stains on clothes are the real problem, which sooner or later face even the neat woman. However, the problem of getting rid of the stains can not be, if you know some of the secrets of their removal.

How can I see old stains from clothes

You will need:

citric acid, ammonia, borax solution, petrol, magnesium powder, hydrochloric acid

Instruction how to get the old stains from clothes

Step 1:

In that case, if the spot from fresh fruit, it's easy to wash off ordinary running cool water. Remove old fruit spot is somewhat more complicated, but also possible. All you need to do - citric acid. Dissolve 2 g of this material in a glass of water and "fill" thing with this solution for 30-60 minutes. After that, the spot should be easy to move. Note that to remove fruit stains in any case you can not use soap, because it is only "consolidate" the stain. Another way - is to use the method of our grandmothers, we are advised to soak for several hours in the serum of a thing, and then thoroughly rinse it in lukewarm water.

Step 2:

Heavier stains are removed from the berries. Enjoy excellent folk recipe. The thing with a spot of berries soak in milk and then dry cloth. After that is the thing to wash in a solution of one-half cup water, 2 tablespoons of ammonia and 1 tablespoon of borax spoon.

Step 3:

Now a few words on how to remove a stain from old clothes fat. If such a spot was found on wool, bright things use to remove gasoline, mixed with magnesium powder. This mixture should be liberally greased cloth and then allow to dry and clean it with an old toothbrush. Also, it can be removed using a mixture of gasoline and colorless soap. Pour this mixture on the stain, then wash the place with fresh gasoline contamination. In that case, if the stain from the fat found on silk or other delicate fabrics, clean it with a mixture of ammonia and salts.

Step 4:

Old stains of rust on things made of natural fabric, can be removed using hydrochloric acid. To do this, immerse it in a 2% solution of this acid, and when it will come, rinse the thing in the water, which added a few drops of ammonia.