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How can I see white spots on deodorant

As a result of the application of deodorant on clothes are white spots. They are quite resistant and especially hard to bring their clothes in dark colors. These spots are not easily wash out during normal laundering, as antiprespirant mingling with then forms a very resistant to alkali compound.

How can I see white spots on deodorant

Instruction how to get white spots on deodorant

Step 1:

Before you start to use on the spot a variety of means, thoroughly clean the fabric with a brush. So you avoid the probability of occurrence of the border that separates the cleared land from the rest of the article. With the same purpose, you can moisten the cloth before cleaning around the spot with warm water.

Step 2:

Show the spot, you need moving from the edges toward the center.

Step 3:

A good remedy for these spots is the fresh lemon juice. If stains have appeared recently and have not yet vestsya in the fabric structure, this method will work.

Step 4:

You can use the ammonia: gently moisten the stain with alcohol applied to a cotton ball, leave the thing in the open air, to a pair of alcohol quickly vanished.

Step 5:

If you are using any means to remove the white spots, to start testing its effect on a small piece of fabric to determine its resistance to this agent.

Step 6:

Many stains can be derived by means of dishwashing liquid. The higher the concentration of the substance - the more likely result will be. Keep the solution in the fabric should be no more than 2-3 seconds, and wash immediately with plenty of water. If you achieve the desired effect and reduced spot - the procedure can be repeated.

Step 7:

Deodorant stains are well displayed table salt. It should be gruel of coarse salt water and rub the stain and then rinse with warm water.

Step 8:

Ordinary baby soap can help to cope with white spots on deodorant.

Step 9:

Ordinary baby soap can help to cope with white spots on antipresperanta.

Step 10:

Stuffy spot should be soaked in vinegar, then washed in an ordinary washing powder.

Step 11:

Before washing just try to briefly soak the garment in warm water with washing powder and salt. Leave overnight and in the morning rinse in plenty of water.

Step 12:

Effective from the stuffy white spots become ordinary soap. Using a knife, make a soap shavings and dissolve in warm water. In this solution, lay the garment for half an hour, then rinse in plenty of warm water.

Step 13:

With cotton cloth will help bring stains wine vinegar, and a silk - rubbing alcohol. It can be used for cleaning hyposulfite solution (partial teaspoon per glass of warm water).

Step 14:

To remove these stains use suitable washing powders with pre-soaking enzyme washing phase - it is directed on the package.