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How narrow shoes

It is important that the shoes were not only beautiful, but also comfortable, well suited in size. Unfortunately, sometimes it happens: during fitting shoes perfectly approached, and then quickly spread out, started to hang out. Or making out a purchase via the Internet, can be a little bit more than they should buy something in size. In this case, you can try to narrow down your shoes.

How narrow shoes

Instruction how to narrow shoes

Step 1:

If you want to narrow shoes, you can use the easiest way (suitable for leather or suede shoes) - Water shoes or boots, then dry them in the battery. Shoes in the drying process will decrease slightly, you'll feel it as soon as it will wear. The disadvantage of this method is that after a while your shoes again stretched to its original size.

Step 2:

You can fill in wear closed shoes wool or some resilient material, such as foam rubber, polyurethane. Number of packing determine empirically to result in tight shoes sitting on the leg, but the fingertips does not hurt. They should only lightly rests against the packing done. Note that the wool can be well kneaded in the process of socks, so you have time and time again to report resilient material.

Step 3:

Good and quite effective way - to buy insoles inserts. They are very different: leather, rubber, suede. Buy them can be in many shoe stores. Find the best pair of insoles to make you comfortable to wear shoes. To do this, go shopping with tight boots. Along with the full-length insoles are often sold polustelki (ie nose and heel of the foot). You can try a combination of insoles and polustelki. There is only one criterion - your feelings. Feet should not be uncomfortable, the more it hurts.

Step 4:

In an extreme case, you can include the shoes to the repair shop and ask them to reduce it. Typically, the wizard can easily perform such work, and it is relatively inexpensive. But be prepared that time on your shoes might be traces of repair.