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How quickly sew a tunic

Tunica looks perfectly in conjunction with almost any clothing. And for trips to the beach can not choose anything better than a light flowing fabrics, barely covering the swimsuit. Sew tunic can own, at a cost of a minimum of time.

How quickly sew a tunic

You will need:

- centimeter; - A pair of scissors; - Thread; - A needle or sewing machine; - the cloth; - Belt; - Tapes;

Instruction how quickly sew a tunic

Step 1:

Pick up a centimeter and measure with raised hands away from the desired length of the sleeve to the middle of the chest. Multiply the result by 2, it will be the width of the future things. To determine the length to be multiplied by 2 the distance from the shoulder to the point where tunic should end. Cut out the required tissue size and fold it in half.

Step 2:

Make a slit for the head on the fold. Not to be mistaken with the size and shape of the opening, take any of your item, for which you can copy and measure the collar. For further marks need to fold the fabric in half its time on the front end, it will help to cut out exactly tunic.

Step 3:

Determine the width of the sleeves and hem. To do this, measure the circumference inch hips and arm circumference. Add the 2 cm on both sides of the allowance for seams. In the folded rectangle of fabric with chalk mark the required distance on the sleeves and hem. By putting the value of the hips, just in case, add 3 cm.

Step 4:

Decide shaped tunics. You can make it tight fitting or loose-fitting shape. Fix the chosen option, having a chalk line from the bottom border to sleeve hem. Now, trim all excess material.

Step 5:

Sew sleeve silhouette and tunics. Tuck into all cut lines and obverlozhte seams. The opening for the head, you can either flash or wrap a beautiful braid. If you make a wide tunic, but did not want to get a short dress, sew across the rubber band width of about 10 cm above the hem edge.

Step 6:

Tunics well with a variety of straps and belts, so do not ignore this option decor. However Treat carefully to the combination of materials of the thing itself and the selected accessory.