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How should look like a stylish man

Choosing the right clothes men profitable emphasizes his business acumen and success. Therefore, the choice of style should be approached wisely.

How should look like a stylish man

Instruction how to look stylish man

Step 1:

Business style involves austerity, restraint, elegance. Impeccable business style is formed through the suit. However, this should not be just a cheap suit bad tailoring. Do not save it. It has to be a quality, discreet, not catchy and perfectly sit on a man.

Step 2:

Business style should not be brilliant. Sequins spoil the overall picture, and the man will be like a circus employee, rather than an office worker. That is why the suit should be chosen gray, brown, blue and beige colors, and, in rare cases, black. Usually, the suit color selected by eye color.

Step 3:

It is worth remembering that just buy a business suit is only the beginning of creating an image. All items of clothing should be in harmony with each other. That is why when choosing things should adhere to certain rules of business style for men - shirt must be monochromatic, it is possible to prevent small cell or a thin strip; - Color shirt is better to choose the white, but also modern fashionistas prefer soft pink, purple, blue, gray in color. The main thing that the color of the shirt came to the suit; - Tie must be chosen for a couple of shades darker than the shirt, but not brilliant and funny drawings; - Shoes in the business man should always be clean and stylish. Most suitable leather shoes.