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How to buy a hoodie

Mistakenly received in the West, its name in honor of Leo Tolstoy, hoody finally caught on in the wardrobe of the modern man. It has long since become an indispensable garment of any athlete or tourist, and an important part of youth fashion image. To choose the right hoodie, remember a few important points.

How to buy a hoodie

Instruction how to buy a hoodie

Step 1:

Select the desired style. Hoodies suit fans of sports style, and those who are above all puts comfort and warmth. Models with a warm lining may be an alternative to the usual autumn coat or leather jacket, because they are not only in the gym, but also as outerwear. Sweatshirts without lightning, which is also called svitshotami generally prefers young people: the most popular model is a sweatshirt with large pockets, "kangaroos", where you can carry a purse, a student or a media player. Hoodies collar away from the traditional sportswear style and combined with almost any things from the wardrobe.

Step 2:

Decide on the size. At this stage it is necessary to remember a number of factors, in addition to the traditional dimensions of the table. First of all, decide whether you will use the hoodie as outerwear or wear it under a jacket. In the first case, you must choose the free model that will not sit too close to you. Modern fashion you can wear "baggy" hoodies on size more than necessary, giving the image a stylish negligence. If you need waisted model, make sure that the sweatshirt tight sitting on the hips, but do not hold down movements. Raise and lower your arms several times sweatshirt should not be in this "rise" followed.

Step 3:

Note that the quality of the product. The first step is to check the seams: as flat stitching machine, there are no protruding threads. Also hoodie inspect for dirt and traces of glue: these flaws point to the poor quality of the product. It is important to check all accessories: zipper unfastened must without delay, and closed with a snap button.

Step 4:

Consider clothing thickness. Sweatshirt relates to sportswear mind, so its heat is one of the main factors. For active sports or hiking is better to choose the model, the parameter density ranging from 200 to 300 g / m². Experts advise to combine clothes with different densities: as in two hoodies, 100 and 200 g / m² thick, worn one on top of another, will be especially warm thanks to the air gap.

Step 5:

Buy hoodie in specialized stores. If you need it for club or dance as a part of a fashionable wardrobe, visit the shops of modern youth clothing. For those who need a warm sweatshirt, which protects from the cold and wind, should go to the sports department, where clothing is more expensive, but better.