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How to choose a bathrobe

Terry cloth bathrobe - incarnation of home comfort, warmth and comfort. Fluffy products are valued for their ability to absorb moisture. Warm bathrobe pleasing to the body, with a light massage effect, good air permeability. How to avoid mistakes in the choice of such an indispensable home accessory?

How to choose a bathrobe

Instruction how to choose a bathrobe

Step 1:

The first thing you should pay attention - this is, of course, the appearance of the product. You must be to the taste of color and style bathrobe to make you happy to wear it every day. It is no secret that the house should not even look good. A bathrobe - probably the most comfortable home clothes or bathing. Decide what your gown. If you wrap yourself after a bath and sit in front of a TV - turn your attention toward the long and very fluffy products, for homework and daily wear and easy fit short robe.

Step 2:

Terry cloth is a density of 220 to 750 g / m². At the heart tissue loose gowns - single untwisted loop (. 320 g / m²), the average density is achieved by double untwisted loop (320-450 g / sq.m.). Tighter bathrobes - very durable, though composed of single twisted loops (450 -750 g / m.), But it is inferior in softness and fluffiness. The best option for the home and everyday use - bathrobes medium density, they are the softest.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the way distributed over the fabric color and the smell of the robe. If you see uneven bars, too bright, acid colors, feel the specific smell - this indicates insufficient quality products.

Step 4:

Examine the label if your gown made of natural cotton, and what it is made of quality. Only natural products allow robe absorbs moisture. On the branded things seams processing is done gently as possible so they do not rub. Give preference to products proven in textile brands in the market. Reliable manufacturers control the quality of gowns and matching products to international standards.

Step 5:

Choosing the coloring and style, be guided solely on your taste. Bathrobes are issued and male models and female, and of course, children. By the way, there are bathrobes unisex. If you choose a gown for a gift, consider the sex of the owner, his color preferences or at all buy-neutral and versatile robe.