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How to choose a dress for prom

Graduation Ball - one of the most exciting events in the life of a girl. Behind the years of study and exams, and in front of adulthood. This evening is unique and unrepeatable, so dress for it is necessary so that the look and feel of a real princess.

How to choose a dress for prom

Instruction how to choose a dress for prom

Step 1:

Go to the selection of dresses for prom responsibly. Think carefully about your image: dress, hair, shoes, jewelry. Decide whether you want to buy a ready-made dress or make to order.

Step 2:

clothes shops and shop windows of boutiques offer a large selection of evening dresses of different models, styles, colors, unusual design solutions. In order not to get lost in this diversity and not to make a mistake, take a mother, sister or friend who will be able to objectively evaluate, is your outfit or not.

Step 3:

Follow the principle: dress on prom night should be beautiful and fashionable, but at the same time emphasizing your youth. Avoid heavy expensive fabrics and styles for adult women, give preference to youth style models.

Step 4:

Pay particular attention to the material from which sew a dress. Flowing fabrics (silk, chiffon, georgette) give the image of lightness, ease and romantic charm, as taffeta and satin well keep their shape, focus on the merits of the figure and hide its flaws. Choose clothes made of natural materials: in spite of the higher cost compared to synthetics, they look much better and are relevant in any fashion.

Step 5:

Choose the color of the dress. Your young age is underlined cream, soft pink, blue, pistachio colors. Always in fashion black and white outfits, but the latter case, note that the dress looked ballroom, not a wedding.

Step 6:

If your taste bright colors, creating a festive mood (red, orange, purple, golden, silver, etc.), select the outfit in such tones. The main thing that it was for you to face. It is also possible to put the ball something colorful or understated pattern, is a good option - floral print.

Step 7:

Please note that the dress you have to spend the whole evening and night, dance, and walk around the city, so it must ensure freedom of movement. Length and splendor skirts, waist, neck, cuts, corset, finish - it all depends on your taste, as well as features of a figure. But do not put on a prom dress, overwrought (assemblies, ruffles, chains, etc.), so as not to burden your gentle and refined image.