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How to choose a men's clothing online store

Buy clothing today is not a problem. It offers customers not only the usual shops, but also the sale through the Internet. But often buying on-line raise many questions. Especially when it comes to men. Therefore, before making a purchase on the Internet you need to carefully study the rules of the remote acquisition of menswear.

How to choose a men's clothing online store

You will need:

- tailor centimeter; - Paper; - Pencil; - a computer.

Instruction how to choose a men's clothing online store

Step 1:

First of all think about those clothes what plan you want to purchase. If a man - a careerist or the head of a company, it will approach the official classic suits. Selling only the garment has been a number of online stores. Here you will find razletaek-shirts, shorts and shales. But you can pick up a full set, including socks and underwear for the busy businessman.

Step 2:

If a man prefers free style, then buy him clothes, please visit any of the youth online store.

Step 3:

Once you have decided on the choice of the seller, proceed to the removal of yardsticks. male body measurement principle is no different from the female. The basic point - chest and waist. In some cases, such as when selecting a suitable jacket and you may need this value as the circumference of the neck. In order to facilitate its task of choosing appropriate clothing for men is also clear width measurements back length sleeves and legs.

Step 4:

Take a tailor centimeter and pass it from the back forward on his chest. Measurements are made by projecting points. Further waist. Centimeter tape must go to places "significant" male belly fat, ie, in the navel area. The stomach does not in any way involve, in fact distorted the real value that can then lead to the purchase of uncomfortable clothing.

Step 5:

arms length is measured from the shoulder to the wrist and the base. Legs - from the beginning to the hips and feet. The width of the back look at the widest point, it is best to let the shoulder by shoulder. In addition, to determine the size of clothing of great importance is the growth of men.

Step 6:

After all measurements are removed, you can proceed to the selection and purchase of men's clothing online. Online shops offer their customers detailed tables to determine the appropriate size. They can be found, either by clicking on the name you like things (in the detailed description, as a rule, concealed subsection "Define your size"), or by looking at the technical site bar at the bottom of the page.

Step 7:

According to these tables, a man rising from 170 to 174 cm with a chest girth of 88 cm, waist - 78 cm, width of the back - 39 cm, sleeve length - 63 and a neck circumference - 37 cm, is the 44th dimension.

Step 8:

When choosing men's suit, pay attention to the indicated mark. For example, if after the numbers defining the size of the letter S, which means that the garment is designed for short stature men. Letter R indicates a man of average build. A L is characterized by high representatives of the strong half of mankind.

Step 9:

Size pants defined somewhat differently. They used two digits. One of them - a waist, the second - the length of the legs. Both of these values ​​must be divided in half. Look on the label it will be as follows: - 28-35.

Step 10:

It now remains only to choose your favorite clothes for the appropriate size, click on the "Order" and place your order. After some time, you will be contacted by a representative of the online seller to clarify the details of the order - delivery, payment, etc. The next day you will receive your order.