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How to choose a men's hat

Hat - an important part of the wardrobe, especially during the cold season. At the same time choose the male cap so that it is well protected from the cold and stylish at the same time looked - quite difficult.

How to choose a men's hat

Instruction how to choose a men's hat

Step 1:

Caps are light - summer. Such wear to complement the image. Instead, you can pick up a summer hat baseball cap or bandana, and you can select all three options, and wear on the line. Demi-season model will protect your head from the wind in spring and autumn. Winter variant - the warmest, it will warm you even in the dead of winter.

Step 2:

Decide on the shape of the hat. Think of the cap will suit your face type. Do you need to cover the forehead, if want to open your ears, whether the cap up narrow, expand or remain the same in order to balance the shape of your face? If the answer to these questions is too difficult for you, ask the sales assistant.

Step 3:

Choose the color and pattern so that they blend in with your clothing, as well as face and hair color. Remember what patterns you go in and choose accordingly. Be sure to specify at what temperature to wash cap.

Step 4:

Pick up the hat of the figure. If you are tall, wearing better to be low and wide, not to look at you is absurd. If your growth - average or below, choose a hat, which visually enhance it. Remember - the high hat to add to growth, small - remains the same.

Step 5:

Try as much as possible a variety of models of hats to evaluate which one is really right for you. Choosing from more options, easier to focus on one, the right.

Step 6:

Be sure to pay attention to the quality of things. Very often, a cap that looks perfect to have in the store, is of poor quality when worn.