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How to choose a men's suit to the prom

School graduation - one of the most important and exciting moments of life. Of those that occur only once and never repeated. And the choice of prom attire when preparing dominates not only the girls, but also boys yesterday (although they are not recognized, even talking to himself).

How to choose a men's suit to the prom

Instruction how to choose a men's suit to the prom

Step 1:

Decide on the style of the suit, in which you want to appear at the festival. It is not afraid of change inherent in the image you have come to expect all of your classmates and teachers. This evening - yours and only yours. And only you can decide how you will face the environment, you are accustomed to for so many years together. Of course, the classic men's suit never goes out of fashion. Especially now based on it created a lot of differing models. But if you want to move away from the classics - act. Military style, avant-garde, narrowed trousers, sporty styling, dandy style - the choice is.

Step 2:

Do not immediately accept that offer to buy your parents. Especially if you disagree with them. They are, of course, you can hear and even understand. But they have their own ideas about how you should look, and you have - your own.

Step 3:

To buy a suit from the family budget you allocated a certain amount of parents that go beyond the scope should not be. But try to buy the best that will allow these funds.

Step 4:

It is not necessary to pay the outfit "at once." Still, you pick a costume that you very, very much. And, then, I want to put it more than once. So give preference to what you can get out and sweat.

Step 5:

Think of the tissue from which will be sewn your clothes. Remember that summer begins, so warm heavy fabric you absolutely nowhere. The suit of lightweight materials (linen, cotton, etc.). You can then carry on throughout the summer. Yes, and will feel much more confident and relaxed in light clothing on a festive ball.

Step 6:

If you liked the costume fitting first put on a jacket. In it you need to feel comfortable and convenient. Wave hands in opposite directions. If this is your size, when such actions you will not feel uncomfortable. But in any case, do not use a stamp, "but would not sting." Jacket should sit on you perfectly, and not look like a dummy. Then proceed to the fitting trousers.

Step 7:

And do not forget that to pick up shoes, shirt, accessories (elegant handkerchief in the pocket, cuff links, tie or cravat, etc.) you must strictly in its conception, and not to take that turned up under the arm.

Step 8:

Please carefully review all that you can offer an online store. Even if you do not make a purchase from the online store will have a better idea about the modern fashion trends.