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How to choose a tippet

Tippet - a large rectangular scarf. On sale is plain and products, and wraps with a pattern. This stylish accessories, which are both in everyday life and in a festive atmosphere.

How to choose a tippet

Instruction how to choose stole

Step 1:

Using several stoles, you can diversify your wardrobe. As a rule, stole throws on his shoulders and wrapped it around his neck, hiding her hair, or leave them open. In some cases stole worn as a belt.

Step 2:

This scarf is not only perfectly warm in the cold season, it is appropriate and in the summer wardrobe. If the winter is to choose cashmere models that look good in the summer of silk products. Tippet, alone or together with other accessories will give your image of appeal and elegance.

Step 3:

For evening dress is easy to pick up silk stole, he will be a highlight of your image. Be sure to watch the posture, then you will look especially good. Think in advance about how to tie the tippet.

Step 4:

If we talk about the color, it can match the color of evening dresses or have a contrasting shade. Very nice, if you stole decorated with embroidery. Such a product, along with evening dresses will help you create a unique image.

Step 5:

To buy winter stole with fringes or patterns, it perfectly complements winter coat. Wear stole possible, wrapping it around his neck. You can throw a stole over his shoulders. Buy multiple models of cashmere, they are not only beautiful, but also perfectly warm in the winter cold. Enjoy stoles with fur trim, such products are unusual.

Step 6:

Wear stole possible and on the techniques they are appropriate and in the workplace. To pick up the product suit, blending in color. Do not buy a model of bright colors, better to choose a solid color stole of silk. Tie a simple knot tippet can be, do not make too complicated draperies.

Step 7:

There are many ways on how to wear a stole. The easiest way is to nakidyvanii his shoulders or to wrap around the neck. If you want something unusual - stole slide backwards, leave the ends dangle behind. In front while you can make a beautiful drape.

Step 8:

Another good option - just to tie tippet knot, but placing it at the same side. Try to make a knot once weak, and in another case tight. Since stole every time will have a new look. It looks wonderful stole draped over one shoulder only. Now that you know how to tie tippet. As you can see, the options are many.

Step 9:

Choosing a product in the store, pay attention to the composition of the tissue. It is better to choose a stole made of natural silk or linen. For the winter season is ideal for cashmere. Wearing this stole will be very pleased.