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How to choose a vest

About three centuries ago vest it appeared as clothing for civil servants. In Europe, it is always very popular, but the love of our country, he had to win. The choice of the solid elements of the male wardrobe - it is rather complicated and laborious.

How to choose a vest

Instruction how to choose a vest

Step 1:

Currently, designers created a huge variety of styles and textures vests. This cardigans and shirts and jackets, leather, fur, fleece jackets and many others. For business meetings and lunches better to choose a model of a monochromatic fabric and cashmere costume. Vests from silk satin perfectly suited for secular parties. If you are fond of experiments with the style, it is better to give preference to options for denim, knitwear and even jacquard.

Step 2:

When choosing a jacket, try to select the correct size. If a jacket or pants can sit spacious, the vest would have to sit perfectly on the figure: in the chest slightly loose, and in the waist on the contrary - tight. A wrong size vest can spoil your appearance, so the approach to the choice of a vest responsibly.

Step 3:

When choosing a jacket note also its length. Vest must completely cover the waistband of his trousers, and his front corners must be at the level of the femur. It will look ugly vest out of which will be seen a belt or shirt.

Step 4:

Vest is a special element of clothes, combined with a t-shirt and shirt, and with a classic suit. Mistaken are those who think that the vest is worn only with a classic single-breasted two-button jacket on. The vest is not only able to visually make your figure slimmer, but also give you the eccentricity.

Step 5:

In addition, if you want to get a vest for the pattern of individual, keep in mind that you need to find a skilled tailor. Tailoring harder vest jacket. Choose only high-quality materials, timely arrive at the fitting and do not spare money. Only in this case you get the status and individual thing.

Step 6:

When choosing a jacket take the time. Try the different models and then you will find what is right for you.