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How to choose a women's costume

Career women depends not only on education and business skills, but also on the ability to present yourself. And not the last role in this played by the choice of costume. How to choose it properly and thus make a good impression on your boss and partners?

How to choose a women's costume

Instruction how to choose a women's costume

Step 1:

In order to pick up a suit that is perfect for your appearance and shape, it is necessary to do the usual make-up and wear good clothes.

Step 2:

Determine for what purpose you need a costume, and only then make your choice. Often young girl wishes to emphasize not their age, on the contrary, look older and more experienced. And only after you decide about what age you need, start the search.

Step 3:

Remember that colors play an important role. Some of them will have an older, but some, on the other hand, young. So try not to have one or two selected costume. In addition, the color can not you just come up. Best of all, if your suit is navy blue, gray or brown. It is believed that these colors can enhance your credibility. But do not forget that the first color should be in harmony with your appearance. So be prepared to find the necessary things to spend quite a long time. Be patient.

Step 4:

Note the fabric. Usually a business suit sewn from light wool fabric. This is because light at summer temperatures wool breathes well and delays the winter heat. In addition, lightweight wool holds its shape well. The high-quality material, the softer it will feel.

Step 5:

The next step would be fitting. Make sure that thing sitting on your figure, how to perfect. Pockets and collar must not puff up and wrinkles. Lift up your hands and check to see if the jacket constrains your movements. Wearing a skirt or pants, sit down.

Step 6:

Check how well done thing. A good suit should be smooth, not strapped lines and processed slices. Lining - easily separated from the top of the fabric. Color thread to match the main color of the suit. Contrast is possible, but only with a decorative finish. On seams pattern must match exactly.