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How to choose the size of gloves

It is hard to imagine a complete image from the collection spring-autumn stylish without gloves. They should ideally be combined with other wardrobe items - bags, hats and shoes. But before planning a purchase, you need to decide the size of the gloves.

How to choose the size of gloves

You will need:

- tape measure.

Instruction how to choose the size of the gloves

Step 1:

If you do not know the size of gloves that are suitable for you, you need to measure the circumference of palm in the middle, close to the base of the big toe with a tape. The obtained result of the measurement should be related to the data tables, so know your size. If the values ​​are given in inches, the pre-divide the resulting number (in centimeters) by 2.71. Standard size gloves are as follows - 6 6 14 6 12 6 34 and others. For men, the most popular sizes of 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10.

Step 2:

If the size you defined correctly, leather and suede gloves are easy to put on and will not hamper the movement of the arms. They may be stretched only in the transverse direction is therefore not necessary to try to pull them between the fingers.

Step 3:

During fitting gloves is necessary to carefully study the instructions from the manufacturer, which must be indicated on the label. On it you will find not only the country in which they were stitched, but also recommendations for care.