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How to choose the size of women's stockings

Stockings are not only beautiful, but also quite easy - especially if you pick up the right size. Stockings that exactly match your parameters, not move out, do not twist or wrinkle. In addition, they are less eager - and thus will long to please his mistress.

How to choose the size of women's stockings

Instruction how to choose the size of women's stockings

Step 1:

To determine the correct size you need to know your weight, height and hips. Choosing women's stockings, guided by the diagram located on the back of the packaging of each pair. It is very simple: the horizontal indicated height in centimeters (or hips in inches) vertically - weight in kilograms. Weight and height of the intersection determines the size of stockings, which is indicated in the diagram as shaded geometric shapes.

Step 2:

Select a shape, inside of which intersect your settings. On it was written the figure indicating the size of the stocking. specific pair of size indicated on the front of the pack, in the upper right corner.

Step 3:

Theoretically, the size of women's stockings range from 1 to 8. Sometimes, instead of digits indicates the manufacturer of the size of the letters. Note that the last three sizes, designed for high and rather large ladies for sale are rare. Most firms produces narrowing dimensional line - 1 (XS) to 5 (XL).

Step 4:

If your settings were at the junction pieces, stop for a couple of larger size. If you - the owner of a non-standard shapes - for example, at high volume growth and thighs have a fairly thin and not too long, your feet, on the other hand, need a smaller size. stocking size will help to determine and tights you normally wear. Choose socks one size larger than tights. That is if your tights size - 2, buy stockings labeled 3.

Step 5:

Keep in mind that different manufacturing companies stocking dimensional scale may differ. If you chose the stockings you unknown brands, ask the seller if its dimensions match those that you normally wear. Seller may advise to take stockings one size larger or smaller.