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How to clean clothes from plasticine

In the process of working with clay, even an adult is very easy to stain your clothes. What can we say about children. Besides the fact that they get dirty, also like to keep the pieces of clay in unexpected places, which can be unpleasant "surprise" for the other family members. Fortunately, there is a way to remove such contamination.

How to clean clothes from plasticine

You will need:

- fridge; - Brush; - Basin; - Soap; soda; - Izopropilalkogolya 70% solution (in the case of "intelligent" modeling clay).

Instruction how to clean clothes from plasticine

Step 1:

To begin, place the stained item in the freezer. In the cold clay hardens, and you can easily remove most of it with a tissue, not smearing the polluter and not allowing it to be absorbed deeper into the fibers. Simply hook the nail spot, starting from the edge, on the breaking off pieces of clay. Do it quickly, because at room temperature away from heat and hands it quickly melted.

Step 2:

Next, you should immediately faded thing in warm water with soap. To do this, dip it in a bowl with warm water, then soap and rub the stain with a brush. Be careful - not all fabrics can be safely handled in this way, so the pre-check washing instructions on the label.

Step 3:

If soap and water are not able to completely remove the stain, then use the usual baking soda. For this item, rinse off the soap and then put baking soda on the stain. If you want to throw at the water to make a thick paste. You can rub the stain a little hand, but this is not necessarily because the cleaning effect is achieved by reaction of soda with water. After a minute or two rinse soda.

Step 4:

After all thing need to wash procedures conventional manner either manually or in a washing machine. For best results, you can also add them to the laundry stain remover or oxygen bleach - plus it will not, but in any case will not hurt.

Step 5:

Besides the usual clay there are so-called "smart clay." It is made of a silicone-based and very brightly colored. In that case, if the stained fabric is made from natural materials, the spot could easily bring 70% izopropilalkogol, which can be found at the store household goods. Just pour it on the stain, then blot with a tissue. If the contamination is severe, the procedure must be repeated several times. If the item is made of synthetic fabric, then the chemical will hurt her, so you better use the services of dry cleaning.