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How to create a fashionable image

Beauty and fashion is unique, diverse and unique, common standards, appearance types of images does not exist. Therefore, it is difficult to create a stylish image, in spite of certain conditions, which dictates the modern fashion. All people are different in appearance, character, habits, characteristics that must be considered when creating the image.

How to create a fashionable image

Instruction how to create a fashionable image

Step 1:

Women tend to start the change of style and image with the purchase of new clothes, which is more in line with modern fashion standards. Do not act in this way, start creating an image with internal features. This applies to both women and men. Try to look inside yourself to determine what appearance would reflect your character to fit your habits, tastes, interests. Determine the direction in which will move your image creation. Do not pay attention to fashion trends or style of your friends and acquaintances.

Step 2:

Look at yourself in the mirror, preferably full length. Check all the advantages that you want to emphasize, and disadvantages that should be hidden. The most common mistake is blindly following fashion without taking into account peculiarities of shape and appearance. No need to fully follow the advice on the selection of clothing for a specific figure. Complete women often wear black Waist dresses in an attempt to hide the fullness. Firstly, it is not always possible to become thinner. Secondly, in this case, deficiencies in the advantages to be converted.

Step 3:

Discard old clothing that does not fit your color, size or other parameters, even if you like it. Determine appropriate to your color, shades, materials and textures. Consider all the features - some colors can make the skin pale, others, on the contrary, it is advantageous set off. Buy new items in accordance with these rules, do not forget to take into account whether the new things coming to the already existing in the wardrobe. Changing your style of dress, do not forget to change underwear.

Step 4:

Choose the appropriate accessories, but do not get carried away by them. They should revive the clothes, emphasizing your fashionable image. Come up with a unique feature, highlight, which will be inherent in your image. For example, wear exotic scarves. Pick up shoes, blend harmoniously with clothing.

Step 5:

Do not forget that fashionable image includes not only clothes. Complete the style of the new perfume, hair, makeup, jewelry. Your style should manifest itself in gait, mannerisms, gestures, call features. Be consistent, make your way harmonious. This means that your behavior should match the style. So, sporty style involves an active lifestyle, sports hobbies.