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How to create your own style

Any woman can create their own unique style, without the help of a stylist. We just need to simply express their imagination, to approach this creatively and objectively evaluate the raw data.

How to create your own style

Instruction how to create your own style

Step 1:

Remember one very important thing: never, under any circumstances, do not copy someone else's way. Your own taste and preferences can not be replaced or whose other, even if belonging to known or people close to you. Try to look at the part of himself. Objectively analyze the current situation at the moment. Even better to divide a clean sheet in the two columns and write in one of them its own merits, and in the other - the shortcomings. So you will be easier to understand what you need to emphasize in her appearance and what you want to hide.

Step 2:

Please note that any change must begin from within. This rule also applies to a change of style. So first of all, try to mentally understand the upcoming changes. Imagine how you will feel in the new selected image. If you think that it is quite comfortable, move on to action. Engage in the study that really suits you. Try the outfits of different colors, styles, sizes, shapes. But note that in this case, is the key phrase is "appropriate" and not "like".

Step 3:

Now for some time immersed inside. This will help in creating such an image, which is really the maximum express your entire individuality. Think that it is able to inspire you - events, music, cinema, the era, people, color ... be sure to find something in common among all this variety. This is what may be one highlight of which will be invested in the foundation of your unique style.

Step 4:

It is not excluded that there will arise the need to change her hair in front of you, and perhaps even the figure in order to fully comply with the new style. In addition, when creating the image, try to be very attentive to detail. Because of the crowd can even distinguish simple but elegant scarf tied around the neck.