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How to cut out de jabot

Soft pelmets - the most sophisticated and complex in design - are usually composed of one or more of the SMAD and de frills, beautifully framing the window edges. De jabot (from the French Jabot) - this side of the soft pelmet with a uniformly laid vertical folds. It is also called "dzhabot", "side coat-tails" or "plume". This element may be triangular or trapezoidal shape. It usually has a beveled bottom of the curtains to the middle line in the form of steps, which gives it folds. Sometimes the angle on the outer line of de rounded frill.

How to cut out de jabot

Instruction how to cut out de jabot

Step 1:

Determine the type and size of de frill off the shelf: width, height, long and short side sections, the number of wrinkles, their depth and pitch (distance between them). Pattern de frill is based on a right triangle. The length of the lower leg is the height of a long side-cut length greater leg (upper section of de frill) - details of the width of the shelf, multiplied by 3.5. Depending on the depth of wrinkles and the ratio of their pitch width de frill can be calculated more accurately (see link).

Step 2:

Fold the piece of fabric in half along the warp and secure it with pins to avoid slipping. Mark the fabric on a basis line (equity) received de frill width, and from the ends of the segment obtained through the weft (transverse) draw two perpendicular lines whose lengths are, respectively, the heights of the long and short side sections. Connect the low points of these segments diagonal.

Step 3:

You can round off the lower corners if de bottom frill you process piping. product 10 cm indent from the top outer corner and put the first mark - early wrinkles. Note the entire width of de frills place to lay the folds. To these marks are not erased, nadsekite fabric along the edge of 1 cm in the ground marks. Carve de frill.

Step 4:

Often de frills sewn to the lining of a different color or fabric of the duplex. To show this contrast fabric in "steps" de frills, pleats are laid from the center, ie, toward the longer side. If the underside of de frill show is not desirable, the direction of the folds must be changed.

Step 5:

The folds can be laid with a different step - more, less or equal to the width of the folds. Depending on the pitch of the bottom folds of drapery may look different: fabric lining (or the second side of double-sided tissue) will look out the front of the product more or less.

Step 6:

If you sew with pelmet de frill lined, then carve out another piece of lining fabric. Cleave the two parts with pins and sewing are handled as a single part.