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How to cut out the tunic

Tunic - is a form of loose-fitting clothing, which can act as sweaters or dresses. The clothes of the style is quite simple to sew, if you manage to correctly cut out the fabric for the future tunics.

How to cut out the tunic

You will need:

- the cloth; - Tracing; - A pair of scissors; - Pins; - tape measure.

Instruction how to cut out a tunic

Step 1:

Find the pattern tunic. They there are many, for tunics with sleeves or without, different lengths. Search patterns can be in magazines for sewing enthusiasts, for example, equipment Burda, in the books of the same direction, or on the Internet sites devoted to clothes design.

Step 2:

If you can not find a suitable the pattern, make it yourself. To do this, take as the basis for the conventional patterns of women's shirts. In the case of modifying the pattern tunic so that the front part was single cut instead it consisted of two shelves. Then make the cut desired sweaters freer. Measure the circumference of the chest and hips, add a few centimeters and extend the existing version of the pattern. change the pattern and sleeves if necessary. They should be straight, with no extra assembly and excessive pomp in the shoulder area. Also keep in mind, and the length tunics. In the classic version, it must reach at least up to the hips, and perhaps longer. To do this, measure the distance from your shoulder to the desired point - the thigh or below. Make the appropriate changes the pattern. Cut out the pattern resulting, if you do it on a separate sheet of tracing paper or graph paper.

Step 3:

Prepare the fabric from which you will be sew tunic. It is desirable to pre-ironed iron to fold the excess cut is not spoiled. Pin it to the pins cut out the pattern paper. If you sew a tunic made of cloth with a pattern, at the location of the pattern, note the direction of the drawing. Circle attached paper washable pencil indented a half to two centimeters for seam allowance. Cut the resulting fragment tunics tailor's scissors.