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How to decorate the dress with rhinestones

It is said that the best decoration dress is a woman who wears it. And indeed it is. As for the women themselves, then, to look good, every need to ensure that it is open dress. That is why many people try to decorate the dress to be even brighter and better.

How to decorate the dress with rhinestones

Instruction how to decorate sequins dress

Step 1:

To begin with it will be necessary to determine the pattern and do so should look like applique crystals in the finished form of the dress. It may be, for example, a flower, a butterfly or any other decoration, but you may want to get your crystals have been scattered on the dress in a chaotic manner.

Step 2:

And if all the same it must be some kind of a complex pattern, you must first throw a sketch of the fine fabric. Think carefully about the design and put it on a small dress shtrizhkami, and then imagine how it will look in the finished form crystals. For this you should take more time than gluing rhinestones themselves as to remove or edit pattern on the dress will be impossible after sticking. So it will be easier to fix itself appliqué.

Step 3:

All the crystals are at the base of shrink film. Before gluing on her dress to be removed, put on a painted sketch, cover top cotton cloth and press for a few seconds the steam iron. The steam will melt adhesive at the base, it penetrates deeply into the fabric of the dress and fix the stone a long time. Do the same with all the rhinestones, necessary to carry out the planned figure.

Step 4:

After the application has been fully adhered, place the dress on a flat surface and let it dry. Now you can safely wear it and not be afraid of any washings.