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How to define your color scheme

Of course, to follow the fashion trends in clothes and make-up is very important. But it is equally important not to blindly follow those trends. Not always the most fashionable color of the season will suit your appearance. In order to look perfect, you have to know your color type. The most common theory of color analysis - seasonal. The calculation of defined skin color, hair and eyes. And on the basis of compatibility of all types of appearance are divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

How to define your color scheme

You will need:

- scraps of fabric in different colors.

Instruction how to define your color scheme

Step 1:

Determine the "warm" you tsvetotip or "cold". Rinse off the face of all cosmetics stand before the mirror in bright daylight. Apply to face pieces of red cloth, blue, yellow and purple. Warm type of appearance looks better on a background of yellow and red flowers. The skin will feel soft, fresh, lips will become brighter. Purple and blue suit cold tsvetotipu.

Step 2:

Then select a particular time of the year. Spring type brighter, it is dominated by shades of yellow. Autumn seems to be saturated and slightly muted, the basis of this tsvetotipa - red. Summer exterior of the type characterized by some blurriness and light bluish shades. Winter - it's deep blue and even purple. Generally, the color purple is very complex in its composition and is ideally suited to the winter type appearance.

Step 3:

Make sure you have picked the right season. Winter type of appearance is the bright and contrast. The skin or very light, and like porcelain or cold olive shades. Eyes - dark blue, dark brown, bright gray. Protein is always very bright with a bluish tinge. The hair can be black like the raven, or ashy blond, but always light bluish tide is present. Colors: black, white, electric, purple, hot pink, scarlet, crimson, emerald, turquoise, silver.

Step 4:

Spring tsvetotip lightest. The skin is light, soft golden, light peach. Easy freckles, and fits well tan. Blond hair with a yellowish tint: light brown, reddish, straw, golden blond. Eyelashes and eyebrows are usually under the hair color. Eyes are gray, golden-green, blue, hazel. The overall impression of light, natural, fresh and warm image. Colours: dull yellowish color, pistachio, salmon, lemon, ivory, beige, green, champagne, ecru.

Step 5:

Summer type of appearance is very common in Russia. This cold soft colors. Hair and eyebrows always have easy ashy hue. Leather light pink, peach becomes after tanning. Well tans, freckles soft, rather blurry and greyish. Eyes gray-blue, blue-green, light gray. General view - the fragile, precious. Colors: Light pastels, pastel blue, indigo, lilac, pearl-pink, all shades of gray, cherry, raspberry.

Step 6:

Basis tsvetotipa autumn red. This is a very striking type of appearance. The skin has a warm shade of ivory or dark with a golden hue. Hair - red, brown, dark brown. Eyes - brown, green, gray, with golden flecks. Autumn type of appearance can not boast of a good tan, because the skin is very easy to burn. Eyebrows and eyelashes in hair tone, or slightly lighter. Colors: warm brown, golden beige, brick, orange-red, sand, marsh-green and khaki, mustard, copper, burgundy.