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How to determine the purity of a diamond

Brilliant time immemorial is the king of precious stones. It is believed that the diamond jewelry to bring good luck to their owners. Brilliant prepared from diamond by cut. When buying a diamond is very important to pay attention to its characteristics. As a rule, expert assessment of the value of the stone is defined by four parameters. It carat weight (carat weight), color (color), purity (clarity) and the quality of the cut (cut).

How to determine the purity of a diamond

Instruction how to determine the purity of a diamond

Step 1:

The exact weight of the stone is determined by weighing it on scales or calculating formulas. The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats (1 carat = 0.2 g).

Step 2:

Basically all diamonds have a color and intensity. Colorless stones are extremely rare and are the most expensive. In order to determine the intensity and color of the stone, and assign it a rating, the expert use of color standards. Color 9-point scale begins with colorless diamonds, followed by a transition with an increase in yellow color saturation. Each color is designated by the letter of the Latin alphabet. Colors begin ⊂ D (colorless) and ends with the letter Z (yellow). The lower the score, the more expensive the stone. Stones with the characteristics below Z (brown) are considered to be fancy. Evaluation is carried out professional color expert with a standard white light, on a white background and availability standards.

Step 3:

In determining the purity, explore all internal defects in the stone and also assign it a rating. By purity is considered to be free from defects in the stone. Its characteristics are classified as inclusions (internal defects) or surface defects. It considered an internal defect even if it is on the exit surface of the stone, if it can not be removed by polishing without weight loss. The most valuable diamonds are free of defects. Assessment of purity stone occurs with the naked eye or with a magnifier with 10 times magnification. Taking into account only those defects that are visible at this magnification. If they can not be seen with a magnifying glass, but are found at even higher magnification, they are not considered as defects. Thus rocks are assigned to the highest specifications. In assessing the cleanliness are taken into account the size of defects, their nature, quantity, location, color, internal characteristics. In some cases, take into account external characteristics.

Step 4:

The final option - it is the characteristic form of a stone (round, oval, etc.) and the quality of the cut (amount of faces). There is a full cut (57 facets) and Simplified (17 faces). Classic round diamonds have 57 facets.

Step 5:

Decrypt characteristic of a diamond can be as follows: Example: 1 KR 57 - 0.39 - 4 / 2ARasshifrovka notation: 1 KR 57 - one round diamond with 57 facets 0.39 - weight stone 4 - Group 2 colors - A group of purity - cut artist