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How to determine the ring size at home

Determine the size of the ring at home in several ways. The choice of method depends on each particular situation.

How to determine the ring size at home

By the size of the ring is commonly understood as the diameter of the hole decoration. It is worth recalling that the diameter - the distance from one point of the circle to the opposite point. Therefore, if you need to calculate the size of the ring, then you can just take any of your jewelry and a ruler to measure the distance.

But there are cases where it is difficult to determine the size of the ring, as the thickness of a finger or change the hand is not the desired product. several methods can be used in such situations. All of them, of course, will not give you a completely accurate result, but it will definitely help in a particular situation.

How to determine the ring size 

The most reliable option - camping in a jeweler's shop. Most artists have a special device. It is up to mm ring size that will suit you.

You can also specify the size using the thread. To do this, you must wind it on the correct finger five times, to make a mark at the two ends, the resulting measure length and divide it by 15.7. This number represents the number Pi (3.14), multiplied by the number of turns of thread. Accordingly, you can wind the thread 4 times, but then the number will decrease to 12.56.

If you need to know the size of the other person's rings, for example, a loved one guy can take a product, put it on the paper and a pen to circle along the contour of the inside. After the resulting figure is attributed to the master.