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How to determine the size coats

Shuba - purchase, which requires a fairly thorough preparation. And best of all you try on your favorite thing before you buy it. But sometimes circumstances are such that there is no opportunity to try on, and how to determine the size of the coat, not everyone knows.

How to determine the size coats

You will need:

-tape measure; -shuba.

Instruction how to determine the size coats

Step 1:

Measure your height. Take off your shoes and stand against the wall. Straighten your back and measure the distance from the floor to the head. Many people mistakenly assume that growth is not a big deal when buying clothes. But it is not so! Especially if we are talking about a fur coat. On the first day of Russian markings mean just growth. Keep in mind that this figure should match with your ± 3 cm. If growth is wrong, it will puff up the fur coat or, conversely, overly tight. And any imperfection, unfortunately, will be upset.

Step 2:

Proceed to measure chest circumference. This is the second figure on the Russian label. It should be carried out on the most protruding points. Women also have the option of measurement under the breast girth. These parameters largely influence the size of clothing, including the top. The most common size is determined by the chest girth, divided by 2. In the event that you have this measurement is 92 cm, then your Russian size 46.

Step 3:

The third digit on the label is hip girth. If the coat fluffy, then it does not matter much, but if not, it is extremely important not to be mistaken with the size. You agree that bristling fur on the hips - not an attractive sight. Take a measuring tape and measure the hips at the most protruding points. you can prevent a difference in the range of 2 cm When buying a fur coat on the third parameter.

Step 4:

Pick up the coat, just right under your settings. Do not buy a smaller size, at least you will be uncomfortable. And in a fur coat, which will get you great, you look pretty funny.

Step 5:

All measurements are made unstretched measuring tape. When measuring not much pull or loosen the belt. In this case you should only underwear for more accurate indicators. Take measurements should be a different person.